The digital age has fundamentally changed the face of modern commerce. We all witnessed new “startups” when social networks became the owner of a budget that exceeded the GDP of Ukraine and Russia. The whole charm of the advantages of high-tech solutions was revealed in the ability of small companies to challenge large corporations. Despite the fact that globalization still controls most of the processes in business, small and medium-sized players may well take their “place in the sun” thanks to modern technologies.

Today it is difficult to make a list of all high-tech solutions that have the prospect of development. Simply because their number is constantly growing. Nevertheless, some of them already today demonstrate clear superiority and deserve special attention:

  • Artificial intellect.
  • Robotization of work processes.
  • Open source applications.
  • Toolkit for mobile applications.

As all manufacturing businesses seek to increase their competitiveness, there is an increasing need for technology solutions that can deliver better performance at lower cost. You can learn more about this here:

More than half of the representatives of medium-sized businesses announced that they want to introduce high-tech solutions for the development of their business next year.

Artificial intellect to perform routine work

To date, a striking example of its use in trading are chatbots. This is the most common version of efficient robotic systems for a wide variety of business niches. Programs allow not only to get rid of the routine, applications are already able to replace credit consultants for processing consumer loans. At the same time, in addition to collecting, systematizing and redirecting the information received, the robot can answer the question of interest, suggest successful examples of solutions and insure against an unsuccessful choice.

Technology makes it easy to solve everyday tasks in consulting, while new employees require training, social guarantees, growth prospects and many other components of comfortable work.

Five years ago, consumers had a negative attitude towards the assistants of such intellect. As technology advances, systems have become much smarter. It is sometimes easier for a consumer to ask a chatbot a question than to wait for a response from a live operator.

For the entrepreneur, the benefit is that the system works around the clock, does not make mistakes and does not require constant financial costs. For a large company, this is a huge savings. Most importantly, artificial intelligence not only replaces people, but improves the company’s service and contributes to an increase in labor productivity.

Open source applications

The rate of increase in the user audience of the Internet in turn incited the development of high-performance open source mobile applications. The modern customer needs more than just generic data collection solutions. For applications, the tasks are increasingly difficult: information systematization, processing of large amounts of data, distribution of information, error detection and analysis.

Open source applications have made it possible to more efficiently perform the assigned operations on the client side, that is, in the user’s browser. As a result, the application will help determine: the user’s location, the age and gender of the client, recent search queries, consumer preferences, and even generate preliminary requests that the user will voice in the future. These results provide amazing prospects for capturing user interest and attracting new customers to the business.

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