The meter impression on your letter is the main difference between a regular franking machine and a Mailmark franking machine.

To satisfy your needs, you should look into other options, such as using a 2D barcode franking machine.

The Royal Mail operates a new barcoding system called Mailmark. For your mail to be delivered, it must be marked with a marking known as the “Mailmark.” It’s called franking, and any stamp or mark on a piece of mail is a form of this qualification procedure. Mailmark makes it possible to quickly and accurately sort large and tiny letters by machine.

The Royal Mail and Post Office hope to improve a number of their products and services with Mailmark, which replaces the outdated Standard franking system. Here are some of the direct advantages of using Mailmark as a franking method:

Benefits of Using a Mailmark

  1. Clearer tracking: Mailmark-enabled franking machines apply or scan the Mailmark barcode instantaneously, allowing you to collect all relevant data in one spot. Wholesalers can access a wide range of online statistics and analytics on the Royal Mail’s web dashboard.
  2. Faster delivery: Delivery will be quicker: Mailmark, for example, is a machine-readable frank mark that speeds up the sorting, collection, and delivery of mail. Consignment tracking and forecasted delivery date are also included, allowing you to acquire more accurate delivery predictions.
  3. Lower prices: Discounted costs for businesses make Mailmark franking the most economical method of sending letters and packages in the UK. There is also a lesser risk of things going wrong because of greater visibility and analytics in the Royal Mail system.

In order to make postage simpler and cheaper, franking machines of all kinds are designed to allow you to ship second or first class goods and mails at lower prices and faster. Businesses that send a lot of mail benefit from using it and franking.

Mailmark Franking vs. Non-Mailmark Franking

Many people are curious about the practical differences between franking with the Mailmark and franking without it. That being said, it’s excellent news that it is just another franking method, and it operates in much the same manner.

It uses a new sort of 2D barcode, which enables computers to read all kinds of information instantaneously instead of the conventional franking system. In addition to the benefits of using Mailmark franking machines, you may additionally take advantage of the following:

  • You may examine the latest official Royal Mail franking costs – applicable from January 1, 2021
  • You can use pre-paid franks to allow clients to return documents at no further expense to you, which is great for companies like solicitors.
  • Faster and more reliable LAN connections have been added to it franking machines, resulting in time and money savings.
  • The price of postage will immediately be updated.
  • The Royal Mail’s internal analytics network provides online data and analytics.
  • Unlike traditional franks, the circular ‘town and crown’ symbols of the mailmark are replaced by a modern version.

Royal Mail’s latest technology will make mail distribution much easier, cheaper, and more efficient. In addition, the new barcodes might carry more or different information as standards develop and grow.

When Will The Use Of Mailmark Be Mandated?

Mailmark is the Royal Mail’s most extensive franking technology; however, it is not required. Businesses should upgrade their franking machines to take advantage of the new technology, Mailmark. Only then will a well-founded corporation be able to reap the rewards of adopting it in the future.

If you are not currently utilising it but are still using a Royal Mail Standard franking machine, you should be aware that support for these machines is expected to be phased away in the near future.

It’s a no-brainer to upgrade to it because of the benefits in efficiency and the significant return on investment.

A Guide to Mailmarking

Despite being a new system, it functions quite similarly to the traditional system. However, here are some of the rules for using it:

  • Appropriate for marketing purposes such as advertising mail, publication mail, and general correspondence mail
  • Mailmarks are printed directly on envelopes or package labels.
  • According to the guidelines, all its mail must have a “complete and correct” address and postcode. Even if the system does not require them, it is not a replacement for addresses.
  • It is a machine-readable format; thus, norms are in place to facilitate rapid scanning at sorting centres. Royal Mail’s complete it User Guide has additional information.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started With Mailmark?

It is a useful tool for everyone involved in the mail delivery process, including the recipient, the sender, and the marketers or marketing agencies tasked with calculating the ROI of their mail campaigns. To use it, firms must agree to the terms and limitations defined in the Access Letters Contract, Schedule 20: Royal Mail Mailmark.

What is Mailmark Royal Mail?

Royal Mail has created a new barcoding system called Mailmark. Using a simple barcode that is read when your letter arrives at Royal Mail and when your mail is processed for delivery, a new level of information into your customer communications can be obtained.

What is the purpose of the Mailmark service?

Technology, mail, and business information are all brought together with the use of the Mailmark option. A web-based analytics dashboard shows full batch level statistics on expected delivery, volume, performance, and item level error reporting, using its barcode technology.

To get started with Mailmark, you’ll need a franking machine that supports the technology. Using a mail processing service, you can also take advantage of the sophisticated infrastructure, including Mailmark franking and other cutting-edge technology.


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