Hide videos and photos, thanks to new technologies for capturing images and videos, which have become smaller, easier to use, and most importantly, of higher quality, and have been incorporated into cell phones, tablets, cameras, and computers.

Photography has passed to the foreground, making it practically easier to take a photo than to try to explain it in words.

Beyond the controversy that this fact may cause, the truth is that images are currently one of the most used methods by people worldwide to communicate with others quickly and without barriers.


Social networks play a more than significant role here because, in these areas, the need to say quickly, effectively, and understandably for everyone is stronger than any text that can be written.

In social networks, we find all kinds of images, from people showing their privacy and telling the world what they will have for lunch that day to people who use digital platforms to publish their artistic work. In this sense, around two billion photos are shared every day on Facebook alone, which is not an image-centric social network.

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We all need to hide photos and videos

Without going to the tragedy or the police plane, if we are users who only use the phone camera to portray a pleasant moment with our family or something that we liked or caught our attention, most likely we are photos, and we have saved videos.

on our devices that we do not want to share with anyone since they are part of our privacy and should not leave the circle of our closest relatives.

In this scenario, the photos and videos that we take of our children and relatives are protagonists or even a situation in which we appear so that others are not used to seeing us.

Hide Photos

And although there is a, The truth is that there are never adequate precautions to protect our privacy and that of our families from the gaze of others.

From hackers seeking financial rewards through fraud to our co-workers who want to know how we live.

In cases where we store private photos on our cell phones or computer, the first thing to remember is to protect our privacy.

In this sense, security and data protection are closely relate concepts and should not be separate in any way.

This should be the case because any supervision we have can expose our privacy to anyone who disrespects others, especially in an environment where social media plays the role of judge over our activities.

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Hide photos and videos: Privacy and security assured

Right now, one of the issues that most concern us, or that should concern us, is the privacy of the personal documents that we have on our devices.

A very common scenario that we find very irritating is when we lend the computer to another person, a colleague, a friend, or even a family member.

Hide videos

Once you’ve finish updating your social media or what you had to do, chances are you can browse our videos and photos as if they were own by people who came and want to see them.

These things are ours, and no matter how close we are to the person doing the excess, a feeling that is difficult to handle surrounds us.

To prevent this from happening again, we have to implement a system in the computer that allows us to make it available to other people without risking them seeing things that are part of our privacy.

There are numerous procedures, but hiding videos and photos are the safest and most accessible. Of course, these procedures depend solely on the type of equipment we use.

However, in this post, we have covered today’s top operating systems such as Windows, Android, and iPhone.

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Hide photos and videos in Windows

Fortunately, hiding photos and videos are effortless in Windows.

In addition, we have two methods available to us: a manual mode that uses Windows file tools and another technique that uses third-party applications.

As a first point, because it is the easiest to implement, we will show you how the method of hiding photos and videos works with Windows tools.


In this case, it is imperative to emphasize that the method will only work if the person does not have computer skills and if the person does not know that these photos and videos are in hide mode.

It also requires that we store the images and videos that we want to hide in specific folders but within the image folder structure in the operating system.

To hide videos and photos in Windows using the folder options, we must follow the instructions below:

Step 1

The initial thing we must do is create and organize the photos and videos that we want to hide in folders isolated from the rest, although they can remain in the Windows Images and Videos folders.

For example, “Pictures”> “Holidays 2019”. The same goes for videos.

Step 2

After sorting and creating the folders containing the photos and videos we want to hide, we will right-click on the folders and select the “Properties” option.

Then we click on the “Hidden” checkbox. Finally, click on the “OK” button.

Step 3

Next, click on the “Accept” button in the box that appears.

Step 4

After that, we can see that the folder with the photos or videos we wanted to hide has disappeared from view.

It should be on note that to be able to see the folders with hidden photos and videos again.

We have to click on the “View” tab at the top of the Windows window and check the “Hidden items” box.

To hide photos and videos again, uncheck the “Hidden items” box.

The other method that we can use to hide photos and videos in Windows is through applications. With that in mind.

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