After the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus, we may need even more Applications to organize in our daily lives.

The use of the smartphone continues to rise in the download and use of thousands of applications for different purposes, especially in terms of entertainment and leisure, and valuable for the workplace.

If you are a clueless person or like to put your to-do list in order and visible, indeed, there is an application in the mobile market that helps you not lose your head for long periods about what to do next.

Here are some of them.

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Google Calendar (Android / iOS) Applications

Google Calendar

If you have a Gmail account, now you can sign in! This calendar reminds you of all your scheduled appointments through alerts to end forgetfulness and add and modify.

It is a simple application that we may have more in mind since it defaults on many devices.

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Trello (Android / iOS) Application


A widespread app in creative work environments, and no wonder:

it has a web version, it is used to manage projects or manage your social media projects, to create a list of tasks, and its interface is very intuitive.

Since it uses cards that are dragged to change the phase of a project, adding content between several people.

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Microsoft OneNote (Android / iOS) Application

One note

OneNote is helpful and comfortable to use: take notes in meetings or class or plan your next trip.

You can create new tasks and cross out the ones you have already completed and be accessible from any device you use (PC, mobile, or tablet ).

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Any Do

A tool to create events and effortlessly manage projects.

It even has the voice dictation function to design tasks by simply dragging them and adding folders and subtasks to your liking. is available for all platforms, also for Amazon Alexa.

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Evernote (Android / iOS) Applications


The latest application also has support for all operating systems and web versions.

With its design, which imitates writing in a physical notebook, you can organize your day with simple or elaborate notes, tasks, or various projects, ordering your priorities and sharing everything with your contacts.

The bad? Give priority to your payment features.

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Few Other Apps that are also used for Organizing

Smarter Time

To make your life more efficient, you need to know how you spend your time, and that is the goal of Smarter Time.

It can even track your activities automatically – while it’s supposed to record your time.

Smarter Time

The app also tries to fill in the gaps in your day and bases your work on your previous habits and data from your phone’s sensors (e.g. time-lapse).

Once you feed this app with data, you can get reports on how your day is going by and which apps are wasting the most time.

Then when you want to balance your daily activities, you can set custom goals that Smarter Time will help you achieve.

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One of the ways many of us waste our time is by falling into an internet burrow.

But if you find an interesting story, you don’t have to read it right away.

Instead, save it to Pocket and visit again when you have more downtime.


Pocket lets you cache items when you browse anywhere: a web browser application, desktop browser (via an extension), email inboxes, and social media feeds.

You can also organize your collected articles and videos into categories so that you can find them easily.

Once you have some stories saved in Pocket, the app can start recommending related articles that you might want to read.

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Review 5 Applications to Organize Yourself Better.

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