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GPS Tracking Software Write For Us – GPS tracking software is the best tool to track someone’s PC location remotely if you have installed a PC tracking software on the target device. To Write for Us, you can email us at

You can use the online control panel to access the high-tech tool in terms of knowing the GPS location and history of the Windows device using Google MAP.

It will record the portable device’s movements spontaneously on the web portal with the schedule. Users will know where the target device user has taken the device in a given period.

Laptop Tracking Software 8 Apps

EXO5:A business package that is more focused on locking your data specifications RemoteKill file encryption, drive lock, curfew, geolocation, logs, data export, RiskSense alerts

FrontDoorSoftware: A more fearless approach to security specifications Stolen Alert Display, Remote Lock, Startup Audible Prevention Alert, Sending Custom Text Messages, Geolocation, etc

GadgetTrak: Track your laptop with half-hour reports and take shrewd web photosSpecificationsWi-Fi positioning, webcam support, built-in police reports, the online dashboard for a Windows-based laptop, protection involves downloading and installing the software on the machine

 LoJack: He’s suitable for everyone, but unlike Jack, he’s almost the master of tracking specifications Geolocation, remote lock, custom lock message, remote deletion, Theft Recovery TeamLoJack focuses on home users.

Dam: Prey gives you the tools to help you find your devices easily through a web dashboard. From there, Prey provides you with a timestamp report on the current location of your laptop.

Find my Mac: Find My Mac offers a few more services that Prey doesn’t. If you’re interested in Apple’s ecosystem, you might want to check out the free app, Find My Mac. To enable this feature go to System Predilections.

LockItTight: The advantage of LockItTight is that it provides tools for you to spy on your would-be thief. With it, you can find your location, capture the screen of all your activities

Covert: Undercover is Mac-only tracking software, similar to Find My Mac, but with additional features for added security. Unlike the other paid options, this is not a real-time subscription on your laptop.

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To Write for Us, you can email us at

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