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Computer antivirus

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Computer antivirus Write For Us – Computer antiviruses are application software designed to detect and remove computer viruses on a computer system. In other words, it is a program designed to repair the damage caused by these invasive forms of software.

The presence of which in the system is usually undetectable until its symptoms, such as biological viruses, become apparent.

In the 1980s, with the advent of digital information exchange technologies such as floppy disks, and later the Internet, these computers became accessible.

This led to the emergence of computer viruses, and later spyware, malware and other malicious software

That invades the computer without the user’s consent and causes various types of damage:

  • Deconfiguration of key sequences,
  • Deletion of personal files,
  • Hijacking of private information, etc.

So the solution was to purchase a computer antivirus program available from various commercial programming companies.

The companies should Purchase antivirus program to monitor, clean, and protect the equipment.

Otherwise, every time the user copied a floppy disk or sent an email, the user ran the risk of damaging the system and spreading the virus.

There is currently a huge range of anti-virus services available, which is essential given that we spending more and more time on the internet receiving and sending information from unknown computers.

Types of computer antivirus

Depending on how it works, different types of computer antivirus can identify:

Identification antivirus

Those who follow active sequences related to certain viruses are not very effective at handling unwanted software. They have the advantage of being very light. Some run off the network.

Antivirus decontamination

These programs are usually installed on the system like any other application software and can activate at will to scan everything on the computer for viruses. If so, they go to disinfection and, if this is not possible, go to quarantine or deletion.

Real-time protection antivirus.

The ones who keep the system safe without doing a full scan but checking all incoming and outgoing files and connections. These antiviruses often combine with decontamination functions.

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