Computer Network Write For Us

Computer Network Write For Us

Computer Network Write For Us – A computer network is a group of one or more computer systems and other computing hardware devices linked together through communication channels to facilitate communication and resource sharing among a wide range of users. To Write for Us, you can email us at

Types of Computer Network

Computer Network Write For Us

PAN: Network of personal area, covers up to 10 square meters.

LAN: Local area network, this covers up to one square kilometer. It use a lot in offices, and it can link two or more computers.

CAN: Campus area network, connecting two or more LANs to a private geographic area such as a university campus, an industrial complex, or a military base.

WAN: Metropolitan area network covers a relatively wide geographical area and connects computers far from each other.

In addition to the network types mentioned above, the following features are also used to categorize there are  different types of computers network

Topology: The symmetrical arrangement of a computer system. The common topology includes a bus, star, and ring.

Protocol: The protocol is a common set of standards and signals that computers on the computer network use to communicate.

Ethernet is the most popular protocol for LANs. Another popular LAN protocol for PC is IBM’s Token Ring network.

Architecture: Computers in a network are sometimes called nodes. Computers and devices that allot resources for a network are called servers.

Essential elements of a computer network

Server: Computers networks do not have the same functions or perform the same hierarchy. For example, servers are responsible for processing

the data flow of the network, attending to all other connected computers (i.e., “serving” them), and centralizing control of the network itself.

Clients or workstations: These computers do not serve the others but are part of the network and provide access to it, requesting the resources managed by the server.

Means of transmission: It refers to wiring, physical medium, or electromagnetic waves that allow the transmission of network information, whatever it may be.

Hardware elements: All the technological pieces that enable the physical establishment of a network, that is, that allow it.

We are talking about network cards, modems, routers, or repeater antennas extending the connection wirelessly.

Software elements: Similarly, programs to manage and operate the hardware of communications for each workstation, including

the Operating system of Networks (NOS, of the English Network Operating System), which in addition to sustaining the operability of the network.

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