Hide videos and photos on an LG, Without going to the tragedy or the police plane, if we are users who only use the phone camera to portray a pleasant moment with our family or something that we liked or caught our attention, most likely we are photos, and we have saved videos.

We would prefer not to impart on our gadgets since they are essential for our protection and ought not to leave the circle of our nearest family members.

In this situation, the photographs and recordings that we take of our kids and family members are heroes or even a circumstance where we show up such that others are not used to seeing us.

And although there is a, The truth is that there are never adequate precautions to protect our privacy and that of our families from the gaze of others.

From hackers seeking financial rewards through fraud to our co-workers who want to know how we live.

In cases where we store private photos on our cell phones or computer, the first thing to remember is to protect our privacy.

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LG Phone

In this sense, security and data protection are closely related concepts and should not be separated in any way.

This should be the case because any supervision we have can expose our privacy to anyone who disrespects others, especially in an environment where social media plays the role of judge over our activities.

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Step 1 – Hide videos and photos on an LG

We move to “Settings> Fingerprints and Security> Content Blocking.”

Here we select the type of lock we want to use: “Pattern,” “Password,” or if we wish to activate the recognition through fingerprints.

Step 2

We scroll to Gallery and select the photos and videos that we want to hide.

It should be on note that we can likewise make another envelope, move the photographs and recordings there, and afterward lock the recently made organizer.

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Step 3

Click the icon with the three dots positioned on the upper right part.

Step 4

After that, we select “More> Block.”

It must be noted that if we have configured the automatic upload of videos and photos to a cloud storage service such as OneDrive or Google Drive, they may be stored in said services before we can block them. Therefore they will remain exposed in the cloud.

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LG Security

The first process uses the options to hide content offered by certain latest generation cell phones such as some LG, Huawei, and Samsung models.

But the even worse risk is to leave the phone, the computer, or the tablet in places where we know that there are people affect to understand what others save on their devices.

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Of this class of individuals, there are many, they outnumber the hackers, and they are everywhere, perhaps next to us, without us noticing.

A practical solution to avoid prying eyes is to hide all the cell phone content that we do not want others to view.

LG Phone (1)

Hide videos and photos on an LG

For example, to hide photos and videos on Android, there are two very effective methods: use the built-in option that some phone models have, or use Google Play apps which we can use to hide photos and videos easily and quickly.

As to initially point, this is so because to interface with the Internet. We should utilize WI-FI associations that are not generally the most secure, like an air terminal or a cafe.

Something else, that is, through the 3G or 4G association, it very well may be significantly more costly.

In any case, this puts us in danger since we don’t have the foggiest idea of who might be sneaking around in those open organizations.

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