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Business Write For Us – A business is an economic activity that seeks to obtain profits mainly through selling or exchanging products or services that meet customers’ needs.

It can include one or more stages of the production chain, such as extraction of natural resources, manufacturing, distribution, storage, sale, or resale.

Sometimes the term business is used to designate the commercial premises where a good or service is sold, such as a restaurant, a clothing store, a pharmacy, etc.

What is mean by import and export business?

Import and export companies, also known as international trade, are one of this decade’s most popular business trends. U.S. companies trade more than $2.5 trillion annually in goods, of which small businesses control more than 95 per cent.

As the owner of an import and export company, you can work as a distributor focusing on the export and import of goods and services that cannot be obtained on domestic soil (for example, Russian caviar and French perfumes) or those that are cheaper when imported from other countries.

In addition, you can also expose an export management company (EMC), somewhere you can help a current corporation market its products in a foreign country by arranging the shipment and storage of the merchandise without making the actual sale.

EMCs can specialize in an industry or work with different types of import and export manufacturers. It is also possible to act as a broker for a company, working on commission on actual sales. This is an excellent choice for products guaranteed to be sold due to high demand or an established brand.

Types of businesses

Businesses can be of different types:

National or international: The business can develop its activity within a country’s borders (national) or expand its activities to several countries (international).

Physical or online: Businesses include those with a bodily structure or local sales, transactions, and online exchanges. Even services such as distance education can be offered to the client without practically requiring their infrastructure.

According to economic activity: Businesses can be grouped according to the economic activity they perform. Generally, three main types of sectors or activities are considered:

  • Primary: Referring to the extraction of raw materials.
  • Secondary: It includes all activities that transform inputs into goods and services.
  • Tertiary: It groups the activities related to services.

According to its legal form: Below, we describe the most common ones:

  • Sole proprietorship: Self-employed entrepreneur.
  • Limited company: Formed by one or many partners who contribute principal and labour.
  • Corporation: It consists of several partners with a stake in the company.
  • Labour society: When the workers possess a large part of the company.

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