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AGP Write For Us – The AGP (accelerated graphics port) is an interface created for the sole purpose of connecting a  graphics card to it.

It works by selecting a direct memory access channel on the graphics card. In this way, the connected cards need less integrated memory since they have direct access to the visual information stored in the central memory. To Write for Us, you can email us at

As of 2006, the use of this port has been decreasing with the appearance of  PCI-Express since it provides greater benefits in terms of frequency and bandwidth.

Features of the AGP accelerated graphics port

The AGP accelerated graphics port operates at 66 MHz instead of 33 MHz on the PCI bus. For this reason, the AGP port provides a transfer rate of 264 MB/s instead of 132 MB/s on the PCI bus.

It should note that this PCI bus transfer rate is shared by all devices connected to each PCI port, making it even slower.

The slot length is about 8 cm and is usually a dark grey colour located next to the PCI slots.

Accelerated graphics port versions

There are three common AGP interfaces:

AGP version comparison table Interface Clock speed Voltage Speed ​​​​Transfer speed AGP 1.0 66 MHz3.3 V1X and 2X266 MB/s and 533 MB/s AGP 2.0 66 MHz1.5 V4X1,066 MB/s AGP 3.0 66 MHz0.8 V8X2, 133MB/s Transfer speed is bandwidth and is measured in megabytes.

The numbers 1X, 2X, 4X, and 8X indicate the bandwidth’s speed relative to the AGP 1.0 (266 MB/s). For example, AGP 3.0 runs at eight times the speed of AGP 1.0, so its maximum bandwidth is eight times (8X) that of AGP 1.0.

Microsoft has named AGP 3.5 Universal Accelerated Graphics Port (UAGP). Its transfer speed, voltage requirement, and other details are identical to AGP 3.0.

AGP accelerated graphics port support

AGP-compatible motherboards will either have an available slot for an AGP video card or have AGP integrated into the motherboard. Voltage taps defines on the AGP connector to determine the type of card supported. Higher versions of AGP video cards will always be compatible with lower AGP versions within limits set by the voltage taps.

You can plug an AGP 2.0 card into an AGP 1.0 slot. In this case, the key in the slot that indicates the voltage  3.3, but the card will have the option to connect to that key. In addition, there are universal cards that can be plugged into an AGP slot . And also, a universal AGP slot that supports any AGP card.

Installing an AGP card

Installing a graphics card in an expansion slot should be a fairly simple. If you’re having trouble with a video card that’s already install, consider reseating the card. This goes for AGP, PCI, or PCI Express.

You should check the motherboard manual for AGP video cards compatible with it. Installing an AGP video card not supported by the motherboard will not work and may damage your computer.

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