Product Market Fit is used to evaluate the performance of a product in a given market. Purchaser loyalty, competitor ratings, and the ability to offer value are variables included in that equation.

To establish itself in a competitive environment, a company must pay attention to several factors, ranging from training its workforce to customer satisfaction.

With so many variables, it is common for the business manager to encounter obstacles in defining his situation in the market.

In today’s article, we will explore the subject. Read on and check it out! In addition to providing a clear description of that idea, we will detail its importance for companies and indicate the best techniques for you to define your Product-Market Fit.

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What is Product-Market Fit?

Product Market Fit can be understood as “product suitability in the market in free translation into Spanish. ” Looking at it that way, it is easier what is intended with the idea, right?

According to the creator of the concept, having an excellent PMF means being inserted in a tough market and, at the same time, offering products that satisfy that niche.

In other words, the solution offered by your brand must solve the problems of the Buyer Persona.

Naturally, this level can only be achieved through a deep understanding of the motivations and needs of the consuming public.

It would help if you also considered your competitors’ ability to deliver value to customers. The higher the quality of your competitor’s products, the higher yours should be.

Thus, we can understand Product-Market Fit as a tool that allows you to map your position in the market. In the end, it is possible to establish a parallel between the degree of consumer need and the suitability of the product offered by your company.

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How important is Product-Market Fit for companies?

Regardless of how you run your operations, every company that is not an NGO aims to make a profit. Although there is no secret formula for this, the primary conditions to achieve it are pretty straightforward: offer solutions to solve the person’s pain.

Thus, the Product-Market Fit concept is essential to guide the company on the right path and allow changes in disappointing results.

Do you know a product that had everything to be successful but was a disappointment in sales? Many times, the reason for this phenomenon is usually simple.

It is not enough to develop a qualified article; you need to ensure it is placed in the correct market. Therefore, symptoms such as the low frequency of use by consumers, the difficulty in making sales, or the loss of audience to the competition may be signs of the absence of the PMF.

On the other hand, if you provide the ideal solution in the appropriate market

And also, for the most compatible audience you want to attract, your Product Market Fit is high. In that case, customer satisfaction will become a fuel to generate new business opportunities.

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How to define your Product Market Fit?

Once you understand the concept’s meaning and importance in the business world, you may doubt how you can tell if your company has a good FAQ. To begin with, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the audience you are targeting.

Only from that information is it possible to create products and services that reach an acceptable level of consolidation in the market. If you have a well-defined Buyer Persona and understand their needs and preferences, pay attention to the following tips to define your Product-Market Fit.

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Identify needs that have not been resolved

The key to long-term success is establishing lasting connections with the consumer.

That is why we use metrics such as the Customer Lifetime Value, which refers to the average profitability that your company observed while doing business with a particular customer.

To achieve a good number in this regard, your company must always be attentive to the public’s behavior. That’s because even the most loyal buyers of a product can be seduced by alternatives that offer more value.

Therefore, your goal in the market is to make your brand seen as the most valuable to your customers. Thus, do not settle for the success of a product. Conduct research and testing to refine usability and ensure the best possible personal experience.

Remember that those improvements don’t necessarily have to focus on the element. If you have an eCommerce or make deliveries, providing more agile.

And also, affordable shipping can be enough to optimize your commercial relationships.

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Secure a value proposition

During the development phase of a product or service, planning is carried out to predict the best way to introduce it to the market. Throughout that process, it establishes a minimum value that the product must add to the consumer.

In other words, determine which person’s pain will resolve by the solution you offer and how it differs from other available options.

Understanding that is essential so that you can position the product correctly. If the focus is on the top of the market, it is necessary to ensure that the benefits offered by competitors do not exceed those that your brand presents.

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Create a prototype focused on the essential characteristics of the product

Before offering an experience to the market, define the essential characteristics that will make it different. That’s an exciting approach because it structures the basecamp pricing structure service around your competitive advantages, not the other way around.

So if you notice, for example, that your niche needs more efficient shipping options, have that as the starting point of your strategy.

In that case, fast and cheap delivery will be your guarantee of value offer.

From there, guide your marketing approach to make that benefit clear to stakeholders. At the same time, it works to ensure that other aspects of the service follow the same quality standard.

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Open space for feedback from potential customers

If establishing a baseline for value delivery is essential, improving that is even more crucial. There are many ways to improve a product or service in development.

The most effective is, without a doubt, to present it to an exclusive audience of consumers.

Let the group use what you are developing and observe their behavior. Responsible managers must always be around, asking questions that influence users to prepare their analyses, making them an excellent source of feedback.

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Use the 40% rule

Once the product has developed, improved, and launched, the process continues. You must keep on monitoring its adoption in public and the balance of the market. Thus, when you notice a step offline, you can take corrective action.

One of the techniques used for this type of analysis is the 40% rule. A positive result in this evaluation indicates that you are on the right track and that your product enjoys an excellent Product-Market Fit.

The test consists of a straightforward questionnaire. It can include one or more questions, but they must be easy to understand and favor clear answers.

Imagine, for example, that the question is: do you consider product X a purchasing necessity?

If at least 40% of respondents choose ‘yes, it is a good sign for your frequently asked questions.

In another type of logic, the question may be how the consumer would feel if your product were no longer available, offering three alternatives:

  • very disappointed;
  • a little disappointed;
  • Indifferent.

In that case, if 40% or more indicates that they would very disappoint, your product has excellent adherence to the market.

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In conclusion

Understanding your PMF means getting another tool to analyze your company’s performance in a competitive environment. By applying this concept, it is possible, with greater confidence, to measure the stability of a product in the market and assess its acceptance by the public.

The definition of Product-Market Fit depends directly on a clear understanding of the needs of the Buyer Persona. With that knowledge, the company’s strategy must guide to satisfy consumer pain and create valuable offers. The natural result is customer loyalty and business success.

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So now that you know what Product Market Fit is, how do you rate your company? Do you want to continue your learning and improve your brand management? In this ebook, we talk in detail about the concept and application of Branding.

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