The influence of the digital age has already spread to most areas of human life. Almost no work issue in the modern world can do without the Internet and a mobile device. This simple fact determines the trend of the future – the meta-universe and the total digitalization of society. Those traditionalists who are unable or unwilling to take their place in the “new world” will simply find themselves on the sidelines.

The development of technology is inciting the emergence of entire classes of mobile applications for entertainment, work, marketing or business purposes. Not all of them are successful. As experience shows, many remain in the Google Drive cloud and are simply deprived of any interest from users. Despite this, the mobile application market is one of the most attractive in terms of making a profit. How to create a successful application, and what tasks should you pay special attention to?

The target audience

As much as has been written about it, positioning remains the most discussed issue. The thing is that today the market is changing rapidly. Those consumer preferences that were relevant before may be forgotten in a few months. This fact makes it difficult to plan the project for the long term.

In general, the classical methodology of marketing research remains relevant to this day. Specificity in the miscalculation of consumer interests can be called work with big data. Often, simple tools like Excel simply will not work due to the complex data architecture.

Strategy and workflow organization

Like any business, mobile app development requires preparation, planning, and defining an apps strategy. Experienced entrepreneurs divide the production process into stages, where for each period it is required to solve the set goals. In a multitasking environment, it is very important to stick to a pre-planned concept. This will help to prioritize and properly build the development process.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to foresee all the complexities in advance, a clear organizational structure will discipline the staff and will qualitatively sort out tasks of paramount importance from routine work.

Monetization, or how will a mobile application earn?

To date, there are two main software platforms Android and iOS. Learn more about IOS Development vs Android Development. It is possible to create an immediately adaptable application for both systems, but the marketing aspects of promotion should be taken into account. If you take Android, then download revenue is unlikely. The target audience of Android-led mobile devices, as a rule, simply cannot afford to pay for software. Whereas users with IOS devices can easily pay for the application they like.

For the Android app market, monetization is based on ad revenue within the product itself. At the same time, in most cases, annoying advertising messages do not interfere with the user, and if the software product satisfies the needs, the consumer will not refuse to use the application.

It is also worth considering that the stalemate for advertising impressions will depend on the success of the project, the number of users and the quality of the software product itself.

mobile application

Development stages

The classic mobile application development scheme includes several basic stages: development, testing, deployment, launch and support. Each link has its own importance and is a connecting fragment. At the same time, to successfully overcome each stage, appropriate specialists will be required: programmers, developers, marketers and managers. Learn more about the development process here:

Programming priorities

The first current priority is ease of use. The Android and IOS software platforms will definitely test the software before launching the product. Among the established rules are the absence of malicious spies, stability and ease of operation. Companies are not interested in software solutions with which users will have difficulties, because from the moment the product is placed in their space, the platform owners become a kind of “accomplices” in software promotion.

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