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Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap is a Punjabi film delivered on 3 May 2019. The film is coordinated by Parmish Verma, Uday Pratap Singh and highlighted Parmish Verma, Wamiqa Gabbi, Anoop Karir, and Robby Khela as lead characters.

Natasha, an Internet sensation, shows up at a college to convey a talk via web-based media.

However, her life takes a surprising turn when she falls head over heels for her picture taker, Laddi.

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Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap – Cast

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Written by: Atiq Inayat
Directed by: Faheem Burney
Starring: Zahid Ahmed, Saba Qamar
Country of origin: Pakistan
Original language: Urdu
Producer: Momina Duraid
Production company: Momina Duraid Productions

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Best Alternatives To Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap

Best Alternatives To Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap




How Can I Download And Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap

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Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap – Storyline

Best Alternatives To Watch Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap


Dil Diyan Gallanis an advanced age story dependent on the existence of a young lady named Natasha Waraich (Wamiqa Gabbi) who is fixated on herself because of her vast web-based media fan base. Her life is about the web, and on an individual level, she is one phony character who thoroughly takes care of the world to see and praise. Notwithstanding, within, she is high-headed and haughty. She comes to London for a video blog shoot and gathers Kulwant Singh, also known as Laadi, during one of her visitor addresses at an MBA school there in London. Here, as the story moves, another person gets present, who is Fateh (Gaurav Kakkar), Natasha’s sweetheart who is additionally an online media star. The two characters disdain each other from the start; however, they steadily become companions and afterward experience passionate feelings.

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Both the online media celebs decide to keep Laadi along during their London visit, and when they’re going to fly back to India, things get tearful for both Natasha and Kulwant. When Natasha loses interest in her web-based media life in India, and eventually, we see Fateh is proposing to her for marriage. Lastly, we see her in a glad spot eventually. No focuses for think about what the finish of this romantic tale is. Also, this is a flashback, and simply the end is the current day story. Rubina plays another online media character who runs over the account of Natasha and Laadi and feels captivated by their adoration point. Finally clearing her course to their lives, Rubina is the individual who opposes the group with the current day life of Kulwant and Natasha.

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More About The Movie

Along these lines, this was a brief about the film and why I’ve composed everything is because the tale of this film is acceptable, yet its execution might have been vastly improved. The film begins at a level note where a non-alluring presentation makes Wamiqa’s person not very noteworthy initially. She is seen conversing with the MBA understudies of a London-based school (counting goras) in Punjabi, which sounds senseless. Then, at that point comes Parmish with once more an unremarkable passage. At first, he acts somewhat crazy, particularly when he has the espresso and treats; however, continuously, he adsorbed his person.

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Natasha’s person had blemishes, really many imperfections which made it ill-equipped. She is a web-based media star; however, relatively few know her, except a few desis. As indicated by what she says, she has been worldwide, yet she doesn’t have her very own camera group. She is a free young lady; however, she doesn’t have the guts to caution a photographic artist of pointless contacting. When done by Laadi, a similar touch approves of her, despite the fact that she knows him similarly, however much she knows the photographic artist. She conveys a robot with her constantly, yet we never saw her utilizing it. She was in London for a sightseeing video blog; however, we could see her getting pictures click.

The trailer wasn’t the best cut. Talking about Parrish, the demonstration in the component film was superior to what we found in the trailer. His clever jokes were

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Moving towardsFateh’scharacter, we feel that entertainer did equity to the senseless, phony, web-base media star bit that given to him. Nobody is so stupid not to understand that his sweetheart has succumbed to another person in this day and age! Yet, from what we think, Gaurav as an entertainer has substantially more potential than how this person helped him.

Rubina Bajwahad a tiny bit in the film; however she was solid in it. These are the sort of jobs that Rubina fits best in. The only thing that didn’t appear to be acceptable with her person was the part when she was seen envisioning the couple at all the spots they’ve been to when she had never seen them. Baninderjit Bunny did his bit well, and Chandan, as heavenly messenger Priya, was at a loss as the man indeed had nothing to do in the film.

Parmish Verma and Uday Pratap Singh have commonly organized the film, and both these men didn’t have that cunning to deal with a story like this one. Their crisp vision left us asking why for some things in the film. For example, the primary half has such hauled discussions that you want to leave the theater at one point. Till the stretch, all that we see is a man clicking photos of a lady and them either talking or reiterating words like ‘Kulwant Singh’ and ‘Laadi.’

Discussing the romantic tale, why in any case, did both these characters succumb to one another? The film is targetting the abroad desi understudies, yet why make it so self-evident? There must be some clearness with regards to which trademark pulled in them both to fall head over heels so severely that they’re sobbing at heading out in different directions and articulating discoursed like ‘Je primary each gai to mainu lbhenga’ and ‘principle tenu gwachn ni dena’ and so forth.


Likewise, for what reason was Laadi conveying Reet’s image knowing the way that the woman is away for acceptable? Then, at that point, being an advanced age outgoing individual, why Natasha didn’t have the remain to proceed to stand up to Fateh about her newly discovered love interest? Why did she keep close by with Fateh even though she wasn’t into the relationship any longer?? What was the critical requirement for her to remain with Fateh and drag the story forward?

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The most exciting bit was that Natasha didn’t post any of her recordings or photographs on web-based media after getting back to India. Then, how was Rubina ready to see her story via web-based press? Who on earth was portraying the story to Rubina?? A Ghost? To wrap things up, none from the desis who are understudies and severely look for PR would enjoy road battles that this ‘dhakk champion’ was doing.

So fundamentally, the story needed conviction and interface both. Every viewpoint was deficient, which is the motivation behind why the story didn’t move us inwardly.

The melodies are exceptionally quite engaging, and you’ll return home automatically murmuring ‘eh ne simple dil diyan gallan.’

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Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Download Filmywap – Review

Dil Diyan Gallan would be cherished by the age gathering of 18-24, yet the mature crowd and loves watching savvy films may be baffled to see this silly cake because they will also wind up, at last, saying that this film might have been improved. A standard pick for the end of the week, Dil Diyan Gallan isn’t excessively great.

Dil Diyan Gallan is the narrative of two chances who run over one another by coincidence and fall head over heels. After they head out in different directions, they understand that their sentiments are profound enough for them to remain together forever.Also watch this movie : bhool bhulaiyaa full movie


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