Importance of cybersecurity, new technologies have made many people’s lives more comfortable and encouraged the emergence of unknown risks.

The case at hand is cybersecurity again.

The IT risks that SMEs are expose to make it advisable to take out cybersecurity insurance. But what about household computer security?

.Just as computers are essential to businesses, they are also necessary to a wide variety of families today: paying bills, completing services, shopping online, etc.

Therefore, to be well protective, we need to know what threats we can find. have to confront.

The masters degree in cyber security is a computer science-based course that includes the study of network and communication technologies as well as dealing with legal and ethical issues of computer security. You have the opportunity to learn about forensic issues that will help find the source of a data breach.

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Importance of Cybersecurity against the following threats

Smart home cyber security

Computer viruses

It is perhaps the problem that is best known to the general public.

It is code that infects an executable program and spreads by copying itself and infecting other programs. Hence, for a virus to work, a person must activate the infected program.

The most effective way to protect yourself is to keep your antivirus up to date and avoid opening untrustworthy programs.


Very like the computer viruses, with the difference that they do not need a human to activate them, as they can copy themselves and spread.

For example, via the address book of contacts in the network.

They usually cause more or less serious performance problems, as they affect the resources available in the system, such as network bandwidth, memory, servers, etc.

In addition to having an updated antivirus program to avoid worms, it is also advisable to be careful with file-sharing networks.

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Trojans – Importance of cybersecurity


They are so-called because the way they act is reminiscent of the story of the Trojan horse.

They disguise themselves when seemingly legitimate programs are download, and while this threat does not harm your computer or spread, it allows hackers to control it.

Once again, the best protection is Caution: Only download programs you trust and doubt anything you publish for free.


Another pretty renowned threat. A virus or trojan accompanies it, and its function is to record the keystrokes made.

In this way, the information is recorded in a file type and sent over the Internet.

Rootkit – Importance of cybersecurity

A rootkit is a program that allows hackers administrative access to your computer without our knowledge.

Although (unlike viruses) they cannot spread automatically, they can be install in several ways, such as through commercial security products or third-party application extensions.

The most acceptable way to protect yourself against these types of problems is to have up-to-date virus and firewall protection.

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DDoS attack

Ddos attack

A more enterprise-grade Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a computer security problem that is carried out by generating a large flow of information to the same destination.

In general, a large number of bots are use to generate and send such information.

As a result, it is use to reduce the websites of the target companies or units due to the high bandwidth consumption they cause.


Exploits are programs that contain data or code that exploit vulnerabilities in applications installed on the computer.

This type of program makes use of security gaps that can occur in the development of computer programs.

For example, due to errors during the development process. Because of this, it is difficult for users to know that exploits have infected their computers.

In short, several threats can compromise our private data.

However, good computer protection and caution when surfing the Internet can be good ways to reduce the risks to which we may expose.

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