Different Types Of Application Software

In computer science, by application software, application programs, or, in some cases, applications, the set of computer programs generally installed in the system by the user and intended to achieve a specific goal that is recreational, instrumental. Communicative, informative, etc.

That means all those programs that have nothing to do with the operation of the computer, but that we install in it to give it certain functions as working tools (word processors, graphic design programs, spreadsheets, etc.), leisure (audio or video players video games, etc.) or information (internet browsers, digital encyclopedias, etc.).

Application software is generally design and market separately from the software factory of the computer’s embedded system. The selection and installation in the system are at the discretion of the user. However, it is not excluded that many programs of this type may be preinstalled on the hard drive of a newly purchased computer due to trade agreements and special promotions.

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Application software examples

Some famous examples of application software are:

Google Chrome

This is the name of this internet browser developed and published by Google Inc. and distributed on the internet completely free of charge. He revolutionized the industry by being one of the easiest and fastest explorers today.

Open office

An office software package distributed freely over the Internet competes with popular paid versions such as Microsoft Office. OpenOffice works with open source and has a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet (Calc), presentation and slide software (Impress), a database (Base), and a mathematical formula editor (Math), such as a and visual effects editor graphics. It’s time to come together for an objective, dispassionate discussion about two of the biggest project management solutions on the market: Asana vs Monday com.

Call of Duty

Title of a series of first-person narrative war video games programmed by Infinity Ward (although distributed by Activision). It was one of the most popular video games and was often criticized for violence and political content.


A software used to set up telephone calls or video conferences by transmitting data over the Internet. It enables the user to create his contact list, manage multiple accounts, and transmit and receive audio and video signals in real-time. It is own by the Microsoft company.


It is a multimedia player program: for video and audio files, developed by Ventis Media Inc. It allows you to organize, mark up and play files and works on different operating systems.

Illustrator Adobe

Designed for graphics and as a virtual representation of an art workshop, this program operates based on a “work table” drawing board. Artistic and creative design work is carry out, supported by various digital tools. It is owned by Adobe Systems and is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

System software

application software

System software differs from application software in that it does not allow the user to perform his or her tasks, but instead keeps the computer system running. In other words, it is an operating system: a program designed to run the machine and keep it powered on and ready for application programs to run.

This type of software is usually preinstall on computers, although others can replace it at the discretion of the user. In this case, the new system software must purchase and install.

Some examples of this type of program are: Windows, Unix, Linux, iOs, etc.

Programming software

This is how we know programming languages, i.e. the programs with which other programs design. Various tools are available to the user or programmer to write the code for the new software, such as test functions or user-friendly interfaces.

All existing programs come from programming software. Any software of this type allows you to “write” a different language or protocol, although many are, of course, polyglot.

Some examples of this type of software are C ++, QBasic, Visual Pro, Javascript, etc.

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