What is a company ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the initial placement of coins in the form of tokens. Investors in the course of this procedure purchase digital tokens issued by the project team for freely convertible currency or for fiat money. These tokens can then be used as an internal currency on the project platform or resold on exchanges for several times more expensive. With the help of its tokens, the project, in turn, attracts funding, which is required for start-up or development.

Usually, an ICO is carried out before the creation of a full-fledged infrastructure, while the project exists at the initial stage. The raised capital is used to finance the final stage of development, project promotion and long-term support.

For example, the installation, installation and deployment process. Thus, the quality of service plays an important role when choosing an ICO developer company. Quality results will bring you huge income and your business to success. In addition, the artificial intelligence development company maintains 24/7 efficient technical support for clients. If customers encounter any problems with the product, the company must install them over the Internet.

Make a firm marketing decision:

When developing an ICO, this is kind of a daunting task. ICO marketing also requires deep understanding. Plus, you must have a clear marketing plan. Your ICO marketing is also one of the most important elements for launching successful ICOs.

So, instead of just looking at the technical side, you should also focus on the marketing progress of your ICO development company. After the legalization of the ICO, the number of scammers has decreased. But this has increased the intensity of competition. Thus, your marketing plans and efforts should be designed to withstand the fierce competition in the crypto space.

Adoption of blockchain technology:

High altitude blockchain technology in many aspects. When it comes to ico software developers projects, it is important to implement an advanced blockchain into it. Choosing an ICO development company, its developers have extensive experience with blockchain technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is scientific knowledge and technology for creating intelligent machines, programs, services, applications, etc. AI enables technology to perform functions that are considered the prerogative of humans.

The creation of artificial intelligence is designed to optimize the company’s activities, open up previously inaccessible horizons, reduce costs, create a competitive advantage and empower people to engage in creative activities, rather than routine.

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that includes many areas, methodologies, tools, algorithms and systems. Among them, we specialize in the development of:

  • Data science,
  • Machine learning,
  • Deep learning,
  • Neural network,
  • Object detection,
  • Computer vision,
  • Face recognition.


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