Real estate business can be digitized using software. First of all, we are talking about mobile applications and CRM systems. Applications help facilitate user interaction, and the CRM system undertakes the automation of workflows, creating a single database of objects, customers and transactions in one place. 

Benefits of developing a real estate application and CRM system

There are many advantages to developing special software. Before implementing one of the programs into your business, it is important to understand that:

  • Real estate applications exist differently. Using a special filter, the user gets acquainted with the prices for the desired real estate, photos, plans, and surroundings. The mobile application for finding real estate allows you to quickly contact the seller, find out more and arrange a viewing. When developing a real estate application, it is possible to take into account the pros and cons of existing software in order to create a unique product.
  • The CRM system can focus on real estate objects, company customers or provide a comprehensive solution for business, the main benefit of which is to create a single database with objects, customers and transactions. A database with which any employee of the company can work, planning actions and managing the necessary tasks. The choice of CRM systems is large, but not everyone will need a boxed solution. Creating and configuring an individual CRM system by a real estate software development company is a win-win option for optimizing your business.

Main functions of the real estate application

At the start of searching for the necessary object, the user usually opens a mobile application, the real estate in which is divided into categories of rent and sale. For a business owner, the mobile application is an excellent tool for attracting new customers and interacting with them without advertising and competitors.

Thus, the main functions of applications are:

  • search filter with the necessary parameters
  • video and photo objects
  • interactive map of the area
  • 3D tours and plans
  • subscription to news and special offers for selected categories and search parameters
  • fast communication

Advertisement card

Advertisement cards can be presented in different ways (signed, map). The real estate application may contain ads with price, location, plan, photos, video presentation. While the rental application in its ads should provide the user with information about the rental periods. Both options in the ad card may provide for the ability to rate and ask a question.

Main functions of the CRM system for a real estate company

Useful functionality of CRM systems helps to optimize interaction with customers and real estate. The manager receives tools for analysis, and managers get workflow automation. CRM systems have rich functionality, but the most important functions are the following:

  • all types of communication with the client in one system – telephony, mail, messengers, chats. Settings and templates are possible for each channel.
  • automated document management. The accounting system has the ability to create, register, fill out and store documents on customers and transactions.
  • planning and working with tasks. CRM systems help to optimize working hours by building tasks.

Admin panel

CRM login is carried out from the desktop and different levels of access for employees are possible. The admin panel contains various tools for financial and marketing analysis, a database of objects and clients with the ability to connect with each other, documents and materials on real estate, a variety of templates and settings for business automation.

Use custom software development for startups if needed.

What should the website be like?

A website for a real estate business forms the first impression, emphasizes the brand and inspires trust. The main parameters for the site are:

  • high speed of page loading on all devices;
  • text, graphic and media content;
  • search on the site for both objects and other useful information;
  • push notifications in which it is important to send your promotions and news on time!

Synchronization of the site, CRM system and mobile application for real estate

Obviously, all three tools – the site, CRM and real estate application – play an important role in the automation of business processes. However, full digitalization is possible only in case of synchronization, which allows you to:

  • upload information to the site, application and the units used in one interface;
  • receive requests from all channels to a single system, where they are convenient to process and distribute;
  • track transactions from the moment the application arrives in one place, analyze conversions and try different marketing options.

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