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Proximity Card Write For Us

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What is a Proximity Card?

Cards are characterize being able to transmit data without the need to come into direct contact with the reader device. It equipped with a small specialized antenna that allows them to communicate with the reader via radio frequency. Thanks to this feature, these cards work at a distance between 4 and 10 cm so that people can carry them comfortably in their wallets.

It is common for these cards to be used for personal identification systems to control access to a venue. It is mainly because cards are made of the highest quality, resistant, and durable materials. In addition, they are highly efficient since the data is read practically instantaneously.

The operation of proximity cards is quite simple. They are equipped with a radio frequency antenna which stores the data and produces a signal the reader receives. The information is read and processed once the reading apparatus gets the call.

Undoubtedly, these cards are increasingly gaining popularity and being adopted by various companies, businesses, and establishments.

Advantages of Proximity Card Write For Us

Having understood what a proximity card is, you wonder about its advantages. The reality is that they provide many benefits, such as:

They do not wear out over time. Conventional chip cards wear out quickly from frequent use, causing them to deteriorate over time. It is because traditional chip cards come into contact with the reading devices through friction, and said friction wears out the chip’s functionality to transmit the information.

They do not lose the encoding. On magnetic stripe cards, the encoding deteriorates and wears out over time; but this does not happen with these cards. So when we talk about what a proximity card is, we are also referring to a card with an encoding that has a long duration (if not infinite).

They are cheap. Suppose we balance the price of proximity cards and all its security and durability benefits. In that case, it is undoubtedly a card with an excellent price-quality ratio. Generally, a proximity card can cost between 1 and 5 euros, a more than affordable price.

Use Proximity Cards

There are a wide range of uses for proximity cards, and some of the most common are:

As a personal identification card, knowing what a proximity card is and how it can transmit information indeed highlights that it can be used as an identification card. In this way, you can regulate the entrance to private venues and events and even control the access of personnel to the facilities of a business or company.

On public transport. Many transport companies (whether bus, metro, uber, etc.) use proximity cards to measure the number of trips a person makes. People can continue using transport services through a small monetary recharge by presenting their proximity cards to the corresponding readers.

Like payment cards, payment cards that use conventional chips have the disadvantage that they quickly wear out over time due to constant friction when coming into contact with the reading devices. However, as we mentioned earlier in the section on what a proximity card is, these cards do not have this problem.

Topics We Cover

We focus on proximity cards and related technologies at We welcome articles, tips, and tricks covering various aspects of proximity cards, including but not limited to:

An Introduction to Proximity Cards: Explaining what proximity cards are, how they work, and their different types.

Advantages of Proximity Cards: Highlighting the benefits of using proximity cards in various applications, such as access control, time tracking, and secure identification.

Tips for Effective Implementation: Offering practical advice on deploying proximity card systems, managing access levels, and ensuring security.

Integration with Other Technologies: Discuss how proximity cards integrated with biometric scanners, , and visitor management software.

Best Practices for Proximity Card Security: Sharing tips on safeguarding proximity card data and preventing unauthorized access.

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Offering solutions for everyday problems users may encounter with proximity cards and their readers.

Innovations and Trends: Exploring the latest advancements and trends in proximity card technology and their potential impact on various industries.

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