React is a JavaScript library built on top of Facebook. It allows you to create user interfaces for single page applications. At the same time, it is divided into constituent components. Virtually no programming knowledge is required, as there are the necessary tools for this. If you want to hire reactjs developer, we are ready to help with this and provide our services, as well as a lot of useful information.

After getting acquainted with different frameworks, we concluded that React is the best option. There are several reasons for this.

Rapid learning curve

React is an easy-to-use library that works with a specific presentation layer. But any developer will be able to grasp the basics and start developing web applications in a few days. According to the guide, there may be some differences from what has been worked with previously, as an innovative and powerful approach is proposed. It is greatly simplified as you get additional exposure.

Reusable components

In React, a structure is created based on components, they need to be assembled according to the Lego principle. You need to start with small, and then shells. Then you proceed to a higher level. The process continues until you create a single root component – the application.

Each component needs to be defined how it will be displayed, it has its own logic. This principle provides excellent results. Components can be reused where required. The distinctive features are as follows:

  • the request has a single sensation and appearance;
  • when reusing the code, you can simplify support, expand the code base;
  • the application is easier to develop.

As an example, you can target the reuse of fields as components in the form editor and in the outline.

Fast rendering using virtual DOM

If you are building an application that includes many interactions, then you need to understand the potential performance issues. Modern engines are fast enough to handle complex applications. DOM manipulation is not fast, so this is a performance bottleneck. Changes are first reflected in the virtual model, and then the algorithm compares the current and previous state and determines the best way for future use. Such updates are applied to DOM models to ensure the minimum amount of write and read times. This is the main reason for the high performance of React.

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn React

Pure abstraction

One possibility is to provide excellent abstraction. Complex internal elements are presented to the user. To master React, you need to understand important loops, component properties, and what state they are in. You can customize the architecture of the application as you like.

Flux and Redux

Facebook supports the Flux architecture. Redux components are augmented with one-way data flow. The idea is to follow the steps that the central dispatcher takes to orchestrate the updates to the repositories. All data is in storage, it is not duplicated, so there is no need to synchronize the models in the application. At the moment there are no ready-made flux libraries, but implementations are already provided. The most requested is Redux, which is a re-implementation of the thread architecture. A single object is provided where all applications are stored. It’s easier to track and simplify that way.

Another benefit of Redux is the ability to define middleware to stop the submitted actions. It is used to stop dispatched actions, logging, and handle exceptions. You can write middleware.

Convenient developer tools

This is another argument in favor of choosing this platform for development. Take a look at a few React and Redux tools. They can serve as extensions for Chrome. They are suitable for managing components, building their hierarchy, and tracking states. You can take action, track or modify stores and see the result immediately. It is possible to keep previous versions and revert back.

React Native

You can make your own apps for iOS and Android. It is not possible to use the same code used to register on the Internet, but it is possible to apply the same architecture and methodology.

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