Use a storyline

Once you have an understanding of how to write a presentation, create a story plan to help you. Make sure you don’t miss a definition, describe the problem, find solutions, talk about your ideal team, and write a climax and an epilogue. Finally, you must declare the expected funding for your startup. This is where a pitch deck design agency can help.


The first slide of your presentation should be the best, delivering a clear and consistent message that makes your startup stand out. Also, use sources that provide real attention. This is necessary to intrigue the audience initially. The idea is to impressively describe the purpose of the entire business in one line.

Start with indicators

The initial (key) slides of the presentation must contain metrics. Ideas on their own fade without great presentation and accurate calculations. So use numbers and evidence in the first slides.

Describe the problem

Your startup needs to solve a problem. Make sure you get it right. Describe this on the opening slides of your presentation. The best example of an explanation of a problem and a solution would be a life story.

Consider investor and consumer focus

When writing a presentation, think not only about raising funds for your startup but also about other business partners and consumers of your product. This will help determine what will make life easier for your clients. Plus, you’ll be able to make a positive impact on their consumer model. This will make your presentation attractive to investors.

Highlight actionable solutions

It is important not only to identify the problem but also to find possible solutions to it. Make sure they are up-to-date and profitable. Investors care about the viability of your plans. If you have such ideas, be sure to highlight them.

Define your target market

How big is your target market? This question requires a clear answer. After all, the chances of your startup depending on the size of this market. A large target market increases potential risks. Decide on a specific targeting for clearly defined demographic groups. This will bring your business closer to profit. If you have any difficulties with this, you can seek qualified help at the link:

Advertise your speech

Business doesn’t have to be boring. Highlight your speech with presentation phrases that will inspire people with your ideas. For example, use combinations with the words “best” and “unsurpassed.” This will increase your confidence and your audience will become more interested in your offers.


Strive for excellence

Visualize your text – this will demonstrate the power of your presentation. But while your infographic looks perfect, your entire presentation should be well-formatted.

Don’t be afraid of financial costs

Don’t leave voicing your financial needs for follow-up meetings, which you might have. Include your startup’s financial spending data in the estimated earnings section. Try to determine the approximate prices and costs of your product. Investors should have a clear understanding of your future earnings patterns.

Don’t exaggerate your income

Your financial model must be realistic. Based on sales forecast charts 2-3 years in advance. Don’t exaggerate, be extremely realistic.

Announce the amount

You have to calculate how much money you need to move your business to the next level. As you conclude your business presentation, make sure you briefly outline the amount of work that needs to be done to move the business to prosperity.


Don’t feel like you’re out of competition. On the contrary, demonstrate to investors that you are ready to compete with the best. Tell us about the uniqueness of your proposal, which is essential for the success and effectiveness of your business.

Sell ​​your ideal team

Explain point by point why your team is perfect and how it will lead your business to success. Make the most of your team’s potential, highlight their expertise, and come up with the perfect formula for co-launching a startup.

Don’t be ashamed and practice

Forget the word “shame” and practice your startup presentation. Test your pitch-deck with colleagues. Their comments will help improve your presentation. And practice until all the important information comes out beyond 5 minutes.

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