VPN Services Write For Us

VPN Services Write For Us

VPN Services Write For Us – Suppose you must protect your IP address or even what you search or visit on the Internet. In that case, a VPN can become the ideal tool, especially when you connect from, for example, a public Wi-Fi network, where anyone can access your data. To Write for Us, you can email us at contact@tipsfromcomputertechs.com

The VPN  stands for Virtual Private Network; or, what is the same, Virtual Private Network. It consists of a method used to connect to the Internet privately. To achieve this, the system hides our actual IP address and routes our Internet traffic and data through a private and encrypted tunnel securely through public networks.

How does a VPN Network Work?

Starting from the basis that a VPN network consists, as we have indicated, of a Virtual Private Network, it is an option that protects us in three different ways:

Hide our Actual IP Address and Location

Once we connect to the service or the VPN network, it allows us to communicate from a new server, which acts as a gateway. Thus, the public IP would not be ours but that of that server.

In other words, the VPN service would “spoof” our original IP address, making it appear that we are in a different city or country than the one we are in.

Encrypt our Private Data using Encryption

When we use a VPN service or network, our Internet traffic and personal information, located within the private tunnel, are encrypted using encryption. Encryption, or encryption, hides information by changing it to look like random data and is essential for Internet security. In this way, outside forces make a VPN connection virtually impossible to hack.

Types of VPNs?

Tunnelling, Encapsulated Data

Talking about the operation of a VPN involves understanding that what happens in the communication is the data sent. This type of connection is encapsulated using an encrypted network protocol to travel through the communication network.

Client-Based VPN Services 

This kind of VPN allows a user to connect to a remote network through an application responsible for establishing communication and lifting the VPN

Network-Based VPN Services 

This type of VPN allows you to connect to different networks. Through a network that is not secure, mainly the Internet.

When should we use a VPN Network?

Many security specialists advise using a VPN whenever we browse public networks. Although it is also true that it can be helpful to use it at home, in the office.

when we travel or live in a country with geographical restrictions, or on specific mobile devices. In short, whenever we want to browse privately or mask, protect or falsify our IP address (so that it is not public).

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