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Telematics Write For Us – Telematics or teleinformatics is a scientific and technical discipline that emerges from the study and application areas of computer systems and telecommunications. It is therefore interested in all computer data transmission systems, from the Global Positioning System (GPS) to the various types of data transmission over the Internet.

As will be seen, this is a vast area of knowledge. Still, by and large, it involves the design, evaluation, management and application of communication models for the transport and storage of information based on three different fundamental ones smartsheet plans or perspectives:

The user’s aircraft. Dedicated to the distribution and processing of final information;

The signalling and control level. To process the information relevant to the system itself and its interaction with the user for decision making;

The management level. It dedicates to managing the operational and administrative information of the system and its interaction with network operators.

These three levels form a global model, and each divides into subsystems called protocol instances, which group the various functions that interconnect different systems require.

Telematics Applications

The applications of telematics have to do, for now, with:

  • The design of computer networks and better remote data transmission systems.
  • The application of the Internet to many aspects of daily life, allowing the facilitation and abbreviation of procedures.
  • Improvement of the transmission quality of existing networks through the incorporation of new strategies or new materials.
  • Design new mechanisms for data collection or information transmission, allowing more inform decisions to  made in different areas: industrial, business, political, etc.

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