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Scanner Write For Us – The scanner is a device or computer peripheral that has been designed to allow us to digitize a printed image to transfer it to our computer to process it through programs such as Photoshop or GIMP or include it in some graphic design project or another document. To Write for Us, you can email us at

Through the scanner, we can perform tasks that would otherwise be impractical or require a lot of work, such as recognizing texts through OCR or obtaining images of specific elements we cannot find on the Internet.

How does a scanner work

A scanner works using light; that is to say, the device projects light on the image to be taken and then goes through it, reading line by line what is printed on it using CCD or CID type sensors, analyzing each pixel and assigning it a value, which will then be used to be sent to the computer to be processed into an image that we can use.

The way that scanners have to communicate with the PC is through the so-called interface, which can currently be USB or Firewire, with SCSI and parallel port being the main connection paths a few years ago.

Types of scanners

The basic scanners, that is to say, those that we can use in the office or at home, are generally of the bed type, also called “Flat,” and are equipped with a USB connection and a resolution of no more than 4800 DPI. However, these are interpolated, a combination of optics and software.  These types of flatbed or flatbed scanners may have the ability to scan documents up to Oficio format. However, this resolution is suitable for most work in these areas.

Document scanner

Document digitization has become an absolute necessity in recent years, not only at home but especially in business since scanning documents on paper offers many advantages.

Among them, we can broadly mention advantages such as notable savings in paper consumption, reduction of the physical space occupied by documents, the possibility of obtaining much safer storage for said digital documents, and at the same time, being able to access said documents online from anywhere and at any time.

PDF Scanner

One of the most traditional and professional ways to scan documents that can be viewed digitally on the computer screen is to convert those scanned files to PDF.

This is due to several benefits that this type of file offers. Still, above all, its popularity is due to its main advantage, which lies in the fact that a PDF file has enormous compatibility with almost all types of systems, in addition to being easily portable through flash drives, memory cards, and even in the cloud. We will know that a PDF file is easily executable and viewable on Windows, iOS, Android, and the most diverse operating systems, which is precisely its main advantage.

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