Power Banks Write For Us

Power Banks Write For Us

Power Banks Write For Us – A Power Bank is an external battery that can be charged via a USB cable from a power source such as a computer or a wall charger. Once set, the Power Bank provides energy for any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, photo, and video cameras). The Power Bank is portable, universal, and small in size. So it is a handy accessory as a promotional gadget to personalize.

Uses of Power Banks

You can charge small cameras, Go Pros, portable speakers, GPS systems, smartphones with mp3 players, and some tablets. That’s a lot of devices you can charge. Anything that uses a USB can be charged with a power bank, excluding large devices like computer, laptops, and TVs, depending on the capacity of the power bank.

Not only are they versatile in what they can charge, power banks are small, which means you can keep them in your backpack, gym bag, pockets, etc. Many power banks are out there, so how will you know which one to buy?

Different Types of Power Bank

Only four types of power banks can be bought in the markets today. These power banks include:

Solar Power Bank

This power bank requires sunlight to gain energy. It is beneficial for camping trips, as there won’t be any electrical outlets around, so you won’t be able to charge a power bank that requires charging via a USB cable.

If you buy a solar power bank, you must ensure you will use it in a sunny environment unless it will not gain power and provide power to any of your devices.

Solar power banks also have photovoltaic panels to charge the internal battery in sunlight. Solar charging is not fast, so the cable can also set them.

Smart Power Bank

A smart power bank can recognize and be compatible with your mobile devices. After they identify your device, it identifies your device’s voltage setting and automatically adjusts the output to fill so you can charge it at full speed.

All smart power banks have smart technology, and you don’t need to find the most suitable USB port for charging. Just plug your devices into any of the dual ports.

Fast Charge Power Bank

A quick charge power bank will contain fast charging technology. These solutions include MTK Pump Express, TI MaxCharge, USB 3.1 PD, OPPO VOOC Flash Charge, and Qualcomm Quick Charge.

A power bank with fast charging technology like the one from Qualcomm means that the power bank will take less time to charge, which means that it will set the devices very quickly. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor only requires 5 minutes of charging to charge your device up to 75%. Qualcomm’s technology also allows for faster input, so you can get a faster recharge than a power bank with 2A quick input.

Qualcomm technology is constantly trying to improve its efficiency and charge devices faster. Quick Charge 3.0 is the fastest and most efficient charging technology available today.

The fourth type of power bank is the old style battery phone case. Although they can be useful, this power bank has minimal device compatibility.

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