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Laptop Write For Us – A laptop or notebook computer is a personal computer that can be moved or transported relatively easily. These are capable of performing most of the tasks that desktop computers, also called “tower computers,” with similar capabilities and with the advantage of their reduced weight and size. This is also added to the fact that they can operate for a certain period without being connected to an electrical network.

Advantages of laptop

Desktop PCs are best for:

  • Gaming (graphics-intensive games).
  • Audio and Video editing in high definition.
  • Database servers (I clarify that although it is not the same as buying a server, a good desktop PC can do this job very well).
  • Expand the components (better video cards, sound, DVD or Blu-ray burner, RAID, etc.)
  • More significant capacity expansion (disk and RAM).
  • For our economy, the price is lower for the same performance as a laptop.
  • Lastly, eplacing a component is usually straightforward, fast, and cheap.

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