With the arrival of COVID-19 and the quarantine, Internet and quarantine, many habits in our lives have changed, including the way we browse the Internet.

The providers of this service quickly noticed some changes that the users had, things that they hadn’t done before, that didn’t stop during and after the quarantine.

In large part, this is because many companies have chosen (and continue to do) teleworking.

In addition, the students now spent more time with their families, making the Internet connection permanent for millions of people.

This created problems in many ISP companies as those who had studied Internet user behavior and surfing habits realized that everything had changed radically.

The increase in traffic has also brought positive things.

New studies, and most importantly, performance in terms of infrastructure and both public and private companies involved in the Internet space.

But what exactly has changed? There were several, but today we’re going to mention some of the most important ones.

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Quarantined internet

Internet provider companies already had an idea of how users behaved on the web.

Internet and quarantine (1)

That is, they already knew when the hour of most excellent usage was, when, and how Internet users connected.

Before COVID-19, the highest traffic date was New Year’s Eve, where family and friends greeted each other to hail the New Year and say goodbye to the old one.

However, the unexpected quarantine has pushed this high data traffic into the background.

People turned to torrenting sites to help them download the latest tv series and binge-watch the same during their quarantine. To know more about the best sites that you can use for downloading movies, tv shows and music, click here.

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Videos and streaming services increased by 100%

Another behavior that has not decreased is the use of platforms such as Netflix or HBO. These have not only doubled their number of users but even tripled it.

Netflix announcement of its income for the first quarter of the year, where it was to have post a 21% year-over-year increase in those three months.

Streaming Videos

This, of course, also went hand in hand with other strategies like reducing investment in advertising and marketing as they didn’t need a lot of advertising.

Because everyone was at home and watching them.

In this way, the increase in video platforms and live channels brought with it another new factor that we will talk about in the next point.

It was also estimated that the increase in traffic over a year while in detention would increase in a matter of days.

This was mainly because people want to consume entertaining content on the Internet, not to get bore at home.

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VPN popularity growth – Internet and quarantine

By staying home longer than usual, we wanted to talk to make the quarantine more bearable.

So many people went online to learn new things, see films and series they had never seen, and even see courses, which they did indeed. not have before. Time to do.

Of all these options, movies and series have been the most popular, and there’s no better way to pass your time than watching fun things.

As mentioned earlier, many turned to Netflix, the BBC, or HBO to find the content they wanted to watch.

However, these streaming platforms are often subject to geographic restrictions that make it impossible for people to view content from other countries unless licensed in their home country.

This segmentation is part of their sales strategies, but they limit people to only seeing what they want and not what people want to see.

This is where the VPN (Virtual Private Network) comes in as many people knew and knew about this tool, which was use by certain people before the quarantine.

This has enable you to overcome location restrictions to enjoy movies and content that were not broadcast in your home country.

Do you know what a VPN is? If you don’t know, enter here and know the meaning.

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