To launch an offline online store, you need to hire an entire design team, architects and builders, as well as an interior designer. If we talk about an online store, then all this can be done by a magento development company. The Magento platform is a powerful tool for launching and developing e-commerce websites. It is easy to manage, reliable, scalable and efficient. It is used by many owners of large retail marketplaces like Pepsi and Lewis.

The Magento platform is in demand for many reasons, the main of which lie in the wide range of features: extensions, themes, as well as data and purchase management tools. All of them are necessary for the deployment of e-commerce sites, so that the business develops and revenues increase.

Now let’s see how to select the Magento development company to get all of the above and more.

Requirements for selecting the Magento development agency

In order to properly implement your projects in the field of e-commerce, to make the business flourish, the client base to replenish, income to grow, it is necessary to entrust the enterprise to the reliable hands of professionals. We look at how to select a really good contractor from hundreds of offers to complete e-commerce projects:

  1. Decide on personal needs. The first step to reach the purpose is to set the main task. You should understand what exactly you need to get from the agency, that is, what result can be considered final. In order to define your needs, it is recommended to notice all of them from scratch on paper or in electronic format. You can return to them if necessary.
  2. Clearly set goals and priorities. In this clause you have to register the merchandise, customers’ needs to be satisfied, some features  of the market area and competitors. All of these elements are important in building a quality ecommerce website. Next, you have to perform a business analysis to clearly understand what kind of store you should create for solving certain tasks. If the requirements are too complex, you have to create a whole team aimed at resolving issues related to the implementation and promotion of the online store.
  3. Calculate the budget. This stage involves an analysis of the cost budget that will be required to start up and develop a website. To understand what to build on, you can use a simple scheme: 5% of the total business income should be used to create an effective online store. And in addition, it is also needed to calculate the costs of using cloud hosting and license, since they are paid separately on the Magento 2 platform.

We figured out the requirements, now you can move on to the recommendations of experts on finding the company, which is the best in the field of Magento development.

Actionable secrets for finding a Magento agency

After you calculate the budget and needs of the client, you can move on, so you should select and hire that Magento development company, which is considered to be the best. The following tips will help you in this matter:

  1. Check whether the agency is certified.
  2. Company experience. You need to clarify how long it has been providing services in this area and what experience the company’s employees have.
  3. Clarify the agency’s “size”. Are there enough staff there to help you?
  4. What technologies does the company use in its work. Are they outdated or are they innovative methods? Of course, it is important that this is the last option.
  5. Can the company guarantee the integrity of the data and the protection of personal information?
  6. Check the reputation of the company – a prerequisite if you do not want to run into scammers.

To get help on this issue, you should contact the ecommerce consulting service, which is provided by qualified specialists. 


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